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Funding and Grants

The Ozarks District Mission Council wants to invest in the churches in our district through prayer, strategic conversations, and financial resources!

Thanks to many gifts over the years, and to careful stewardship, the Mission Council is able to begin offering MINISTRY GRANTS.  Here are the specifics:

  1. Applications are DUE IN THE DISTRICT OFFICE by February 15 and/or August 15, or the next following business day.  Only completed (and signed) applications will be considered.  Full payment of district and conference apportionments will be prioritized in receiving a grant.
  2. There are TWO funds from which grants will be made.  A church may apply to only ONE fund in a granting cycle. 
  3. District Mission Council members will each review all applications based on the criteria listed below and award available monies.  The review process will take about SIX (6) weeks.
  4. If your church is awarded a Ministry Grant, a project evaluation report will be required at the end of one year (you will be mailed that form).


Up to $25,000 will be granted in 2021

  • Grants are primarily for ministries that extend the work of the congregation into the community
  • If a ministry is new, the congregation must demonstrate how it will fund the ministry on an ongoing basis after the grant period
  • A maximum grant limit is $5,000
  • Priority is given for programs/projects that lead to making new disciples of Jesus Christ AND/OR which relentlessly engage members to become outwardly focused and spiritually centered Christ followers.  A higher priority is given for new ministries and new ways to engage the community.
  • Priority is given for a one-time funding request. 
  • NO grants will be made for staff positions or to begin a new staff position
  • NO grants will be made for routine or deferred maintenance (we will consider a grant to renovate a space for a new ministry IF people for the new ministry have already been identified.)
  • Grants could be made for signage.  We will consider requests for technology, though they have a lower priority.


Up to $25,000 will be granted in 2021

  • Grants are given to strengthen a church’s ministry with children, youth, camping and/or persons with special needs; and to reach new people for Jesus.
  • A maximum grant limit is $5,000
  • A higher priority is given to requests that will engage new people in the community.
  • Grants could be made to renovate ministry space for children and youth if a need is currently present.
  • NO grants will be made for staff positions or to begin a new staff position
  • NO grants will be used for college scholarships or registration fees
  • NO grants will be made for general building renovations/maintenance

Applications are available under FORMS.