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Lay Servant Ministries

In past years, the primary task of lay servants was pulpit supply, however now Lay Servant Ministries encompasses much more. To participate in Lay Servant Ministries, a person need not commit to preaching. Lay servant training areas include evangelism, stewardship, devotional life, missions, caring ministries, Christian education, Christian leadership, administration, United Methodist heritage, as well as preaching and worship planning.
Certified Lay Servants
To become a certified lay servant, you must be recommended by the local church and complete the basic course, “Introduction to Lay Ministries”, and complete at least one advanced lay servant ministries course. Certified lay servants serve the local church and/or beyond the local church in many ways so that their witness, leadership, and service inspire others to a deeper commitment to Christian living.
Certified Lay Speakers
Certified lay servants who feel a calling to preach the Word and serve as pulpit supply in the District or Conference can become certified lay speakers by completing the five CORE advanced classes; leading worship, leading prayer, discovering spiritual gifts, preaching, and United Methodist heritage and polity.
Certified Lay Ministers
A certified lay servant who wishes to become part of a ministry team under the supervision of a clergyperson and lead public worship, care for the congregation, assist in program leadership, preach the Word, lead small groups, establish outreach ministries or develop new and existing faith communities can become a certified lay minister by completing Certified Lay Ministry courses outlined in the Conference's Part-Time Ministerial Leaders (PML) Training.
At this time there are no scheduled events in the Ozarks district. To see Lay Servant trainings scheduled for other districts, visit this page on the Conference website.
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