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Saturday, 02/12/2022 OZARKS DISTRICT: Lay Servant Ministries - ADVANCED - "Transforming Evangelism" - Hybrid Class

posted on January 06

WHEN:  Saturday, February 12, 2022 @ 9:00 AM
WHERE:  Wesley United Methodist Church, 922 W Republic Rd, Springfield MO

This is an advanced class in the Lay Servant Ministry program.  The key to Wesley’s way of sharing the faith is to relate to others in love, compassion and gratitude for God’s divine grace. Transforming Evangelism is steeped in the Wesleyan tradition, exposing how God’s love and grace comes to each of us as we once received it, through the gift of proclamation.

A true transformative act of evangelism is R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.A.L.: Renewal; Enter; Listening; Acceptance; Testimony; Inviting; On-Going; New Beings; Assurance; Live-It. As Christians, we are not to keep the gift we receive through evangelism; we are to live out what we learn in community and study, by inviting others into this grace. You will discover that evangelism involves not only sharing our faith with others, but also welcoming people into a community where they can grown in faith.  This class will be led by Rev. Rick Lasley.

As mentioned above, this class is being offered in a hybrid format -- meaning you can either participate in person or join the class via ZOOM.  To have credit for this class, participants are required to invest 10 (ten) hours.  We have allotted 2-1/2 hrs for you to read and comprehend the book "Transforming Evangelism" by Henry H. Knight III and F. Douglas Powe, Jr.; the class time on Saturday, 02/14/2022 will begin at 9 AM and concludes at 3 PM for 5 hrs of participation; and the final 2-1/2 hrs are allotted for your written summary on the course including your action plan of using what you have learned from the course.  Failure to read the book, attend class, and/or complete the action plan will prevent credit for the course. You can purchase the book through for $14 or check out other publishing sites. Please remember that for those attending in person will have lunch provided.  

Judy Robison

Ozarks District of the UMC
560 N Stewart
Suite B